BakerBatz Scout Day Nov 18th $200

BakerBatz Scout Day Nov 18th $200

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The BakerBatz Scout Day is an event you would not want your son to miss.  The coaches at the event will be engaging with the players and informing them what they are looking for in players. I think many parents and players do not know what colleges are looking for. Also, not getting feedback on what they need to do to get better. At this event we will be making sure parents and players walk away with the right info. 

Also, if you are a sophomore you should come to the event. Alot of top college start recruiting you and want to get to know you at a young age. Most of the time they keep up with players trends in talent. 

College Attending as of 9/11/2023 

  1. Cisco College
  2. Navarro College 
  3. Mountain View
  4. Brookhaven College
  5. East Central Oklahoma 


$200 per player 

Classes Open To

2026, 2025, 2024


Check-in 12:30pm

Event Start Time 1pm

Event End Time 4pm


5955 Lindsey Ln, Parker, TX 75002

Building: Field House 

Sign Up details

  1. Make sure to put players name in the Engraving Details
  2. At event player will have to add more info to excel sheet